Close your eyes.

Some thirty Kilometres from Bordeaux. In the most picturesque region possible.
The hills, with their south facing slopes are covered in vines. The sun’s rays generously lavishes them from the first gentle warming rays of sunrise until the sunset.
Quietly and gently, the grapes ripen in this temperate micro-climate, while the bedrock, consisting of hard, porous limestone facilitates natural drainage.
The wine is made from grapes cultivated using organic farming techniques. This method of production does not use synthetic chemicals (herbicides, pesticides).
Now look.
The wines from this region have much to attract even the most discerning connoisseurs. Young, they are fleshy and vigorous in their beautiful purple color. Older, with their beautiful terra-cotta,color they are full-bodied and elegant … They deserve their place on your table. Without fear of disappointment, you can even, invite them to those important days.

Where to Buy?
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